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Comment anonymously with your true feelings, thoughts, and opinions about me. Say whatever you have always held back for fear of hurting my feelings or showing the e-world that you actually like me. IP logging is turned off.
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December 6 2004, 17:23:38 UTC 12 years ago

u r cool


December 6 2004, 22:42:06 UTC 12 years ago

Well, Miss Rebecca, I <3 you and I think you should <3 yourself. Because that is, in fact, my #1 priority in life right now. Ok, I guess not really to make you <3 yourself, but for you to be happy. I guess not really even that, but just not to be so sad. Because nobody should be sad all the time. It does take more muscles to frown than it does to smile. But not if you're fake smiling. One of these days I'm going to make you laugh so hard you pee your pants. Or atleast until you cry. Then it would be a major breakthrough for both of us! I would get you to laugh and you would be able to cry. Oh boy do I have a new goal in life! Really though, I think the only bad thing I could ever really have to say is that your brother is a douche. But that really has nothing to do with you because luckily none of his doucheyness has rubbed off on you. Oh why oh why do I even bother to post this anonymously? I'm no good with all this anonymous stuff, I always give myself away. Oh well, it's the rules and I have to go by the rules, right? Right! Well I should head off to bed now because I'm a lameface and while I should be working on my portfolio, my bed just looks way too comfy.

  • heh, it's fine that you give yourself away. I don't truly care if it's anonymous or not, it's just a way to see what people really say. *shrug* I'm sorry he's stupid like that.. but I lovers him. but I don't know. I just do... and like I've said in my entries, he's one of the only family members I can actually say I love. but you are NOT a lameface. You should <3 yourself just like I should <3 myself.. *nods*
I love him too...I just also think he's quite the douche. Even though he did the right thing and I can't be mad at him for anything thats going on right now. I just miss him. Even though I'm not supposed to. And what he did hurt me and that's why I can call him a douche. And that probably made no sense whatsoever, but it's just been one of those days. And the only reason I'm a lameface is because I'm procrastinating which is causing me to do extremely poorly in most of my classes. Ok, well I shall leave you alone now and try to do some more of that homework stuff.

  • Yes! This sickie is telling you to do your hw missy! I did minnee. And I'm trying to get make-up through emails.. hah.
  • I hate it when I miss people and I don't want to.. that's one of the most evilist emotions everrr.. but maybe you should talk to him or something? I don't know. I don't want to make you do it.. because actually, I am that way and I forgive and I talk to people again..and then I just get hurt again.. so that's what I'm trying to STOP doing.. so maybe you shouldn't. Does he know that he hurt you doing whatever though? If he doesn't, you should at least talk to him enough to tell him that and then stop..


December 8 2004, 16:22:56 UTC 12 years ago

I think you're the specialest person I have ever met. And..I love you to death. =[ no negative comments here. HI E-WORLD! I LOVE YOU, BECKY!

  • thanks. heh. what's e-world? Hrmm.
you said it in your entry. ...ahh I can't anonymously post this..so I guess the jig is up. =X

  • what? You could anonymously post that.. just not from your email.. did I say that? *goes to see.. maybe it's a typo?


March 5 2005, 22:07:02 UTC 12 years ago

I like your layout
thanks. I love it.
thanks to from___farxaway for making it for me. mmm.