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Entry for Maddy-son.

Maddy-son (5:46:27 PM): i love youuu

Auto response from theusedtwinkies (5:46:27 PM): what can i say?
wheres that girl from last night
whos slept on that side
and looks just like you do?

you can sleep in your own bed tonight
sleep away a silent pain
screaming out my name
you can sleep in your own bed tonight
i hope for your sake you dont wake up
as broken as i am

Maddy-son (5:47:07 PM): never forget me, im always here, ILOVEYOUSOMUCHBECCA-SON.
Maddy-son signed on at 5:57:50 PM.
Maddy-son signed off at 6:24:29 PM.

I hearts my Maddy-son.

Entry to come later.
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