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take any of these.. comment with your answers and I'll give you your results.

The --'s separate the different quizzes. I have no guarantees on how long it will take me to get you your results. Be patient!

Directions: Decide whether the items represent your usual way of acting or feeling with yes or no. If you find it absolutely impossible to decide, answer with ?, but use it sparingly.

1. Do you sometimes feel happy, sometimes depressed, without any apparent reason?

2. Do you have frequent ups and downs in mood, either with or without apparent cause?

3. Are you inclined to be moody?

4. Does your mind often wander while you are trying to concentrate?

5. Are you frequently "lost in thought" even when supposed to be taking part in a conversation?

6. Are you sometimes bubbling over with energy and sometimes very sluggish?

7. Do you prefer action to planning for action?

8. Are you happiest when you get involved in some project that calls for rapid action?

9. Do you usually take the initiative in making new friends?

10. Are you inclined to be quick and sure in your actions?

11. Would you rate yourself as a lively individual?

12. Would you be very unhappy if you were prevented from making numerous social contacts?
Directions: Here are a number of characteristics that may or may not apply to you. Choose a number for each statement to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with that statement.

Disagree strongly - 1
Disagree a little - 2
Neither agree nor disagree - 3
Agree a little
Agree strongly - 5

I see myself as someone who...
1. is talkative
2. tends to find fault with others
3. does a thorough job
4. has a wide range of interests
5. is depressed, blue
6. is original, comes up with new ideas
7. is reserved
8. is helpful and unselfish with others
8. prefers the conventional, traditional
10. can be somewhat careless
11. is relaxed, handle stress well
12. is curious about many different things
13. is full of energy
14. prefers work that is routine and simple
15. starts quarrels with others
16. is a reliable worker
17. can be tense
18. is clever, sharp-witted
19. tends to be quiet
20. values artistic, aesthetic experiences
21. tends to be disorganized
22. is emotionally stable, not easily upset
23. has an active imagination
24. perseveres until the task is finished
25. is sometimes rude to others
26. has unwavering self-confidence
27. is inventive
28. is generally trusting
29. tends to be lazy
30. is clear-thinking, intelligent
31. worries a lot
32. wants things to be simple and clear-cut
33. is sometimes shy, inhibited
34. has a forgiving nature
35. is idealistic, can be a dreamer
36. does things efficiently
37. can be moody
38. is ingenious, a deep thinker
39. generates a lot of enthusiasm
40. can be cold and aloof
41. enjoys thinking about complicated problems
42. makes plans and follows through with them
43. remains calm in tense situations
44. likes to reflect, play with ideas
45. is considerate and kind to almost everyone
46. seeks adventure and excitement
47. gets nervous easily
48. is sophisticated in art, music, or literature
49. has an assertive personality
50. is insightful, sees different possibilities
51. likes to cooperate with others
52. is easily distracted
53. is outgoing, sociable
54. has few artistic interests
Directions: For each situation, pick the choise that best describes how you would explain the given situation.

1. The project you are in chart of is a great success.
a. I kept a close watch over everyone's work.
b. Everyone devoted a lot of time and energy to it.

2. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend make up after a fight.
a. I forgave him/her.
b. I'm usually forgiving.

3. You get lost driving to a friend's house.
a. I missed a turn.
b. My friend gave me bad directions.

4. Your boyfriend/girlfriend surprises you with a gift.
a. He/she just got a raise at work or more allowance.
b. I took him/her out to a special dinner the night before.

5. You forget your boyfriend's/girlfriend's birthday.
a. I'm not good at remembering birthdays.
b. I was preoccupied with other things.

6. You get a flower from a secret admirer.
a. I am attractive to him/her.
b. I am a popular person.

7. You run for a student government position, and you win.
a. I devote a lot of time and energy to campaigning.
b. I work very hard at everything I do.

8. You miss an important engagement.
a. Sometimes my memory fails me.
b. I sometimes forget to check my appointment book.

9. You run for a student government position, and you lose.
a. I didn't campaign hard enough.
b. The person who won knew more people.

10. You host a successful dinner.
a. I was particularly charming that night.
b. I am a good host.

11. You stop a crime by calling the police.
a. A strange noise caught my attention.
b. I was alert that day.

12. You were extremely healthy all year.
a. Few people around me were sick, so I wasn't exposed.
b. I made sure I ate well and got enough rest.

13. You owe the library ten dollars for an overdue book.
a. When I am really involved in what I am reading, I often forget when it's due.
b. I was so involved in writing the report I forgot to return the book.

14. Your stocks makes you a lot of money.
a. My broker decided to take on something new.
b. My broker is a top-notch investor.

15. You win an athletic contest.
a. I was feeling unbeatable.
b. I train hard.

16. You fail an important examination.
a. I wasn't as smart as the other people taking the exam.
b. I didn't prepare for it well.

17. You prepared a special meal for a friend, and he/she barely touched the food.
a. I wasn't a good cook.
b. I made the meal in a rush.

18. You lose a sporting even for which you have been training for a long time.
a. I'm not very athletic.
b. I'm nto very good at that sport.

19. Your car runs out of gas on a dark street late at night.
a. I didn't check to see how much gas was in the tank.
b. The gas gauge is broken.

20. You lose your temper with a friend.
a. He/she is always nagging me.
b. He/she was in a hostile mood.

21. You are penalized for not returning your income-tax forms on time.
a. I always put off doing my taxes.
b. I was lazy about getting my taxes done this year.

22. You ask a person out on a date, and he/she says no.
a. I was a wreck that day.
b. I got tongue-tied when I asked him/her on the date.

23. A game-show host picks you out of the audience to participate in the show.
a. I was sitting in the right seat.
b. I looked the most enthusiastic.

24. You are frequently asked to dance at a party.
a. I am outgoing at parties.
b. I was in perfect form that night.

25. You buy your boyfriend/girlfriend a gift, and he/she doesn't like it.
a. I don't put enough thought into things like that.
b. He/she has very picky tastes.

26. You do exceptionally well in a job interview.
a. I felt extremely confident during the interview.
b. I interview well.

27. You tell a joke, and everyone laughs.
a. The joke was funny.
b. My timing was perfect.

28. Your teacher doesn't give you enough time to finish a project, but you get it finished anyway.
a. I am a good student.
b. I am an efficient person.

29. You've been feeling run-down lately.
a. I never get a chance to relax.
b. I was exceptionally busy this week.

30. You ask someone to dance and he/she says no.
a. I am not a good enough dancer.
b. He/she doesn't like to dance.

31. You save a person from choking to death.
a. I know a technique to stop someone from choking.
b. I know what to do in a crisis situation.

32. Your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to cool things off for a while.
a. I'm too self-centered.
b. I don't spend enough time with him/her.

33. A friend says something that hurts your feelings.
a. She always blurts things out without thinking of others.
b. My friend was in a bad mood and took it out on me.

34. Your employer comes to you for advice.
a. I am an expert in the area about which I was asked.
b. I am good at giving useful advice.

35. A friend thanks you for helping him/her get through a bad time.
a. I enjoy helping him/her through tough times.
b. I care about people.

36. You have a wonderful time at a party.
a. Everyone was friendly.
b. I was friendly.

37. Your doctor tells you that you are in good physical shape.
a. I make sure I exercise frequently.
b. I am very health-conscious.

38. Your boyfriend/girlfriend invites you to go on a vacation with his/her family.
a. He/she needed to get away for a few days.
b. He/she likes to invite friends along on family vacations.

39. Your doctor tells you that you eat too much sugar.
a. I don't pay attention to my diet.
b. You can't avoid sugar; it's in everything.

40. You are asked to head an important project.
a. I just successfully completed a similar project.
b. I am a good supervisor.

41. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend hav been fighting a great deal.
a. I have been feeling cranky and pressured lately.
b. He/she has been hostile lately.

42. You fall down a great deal while skiing.
a. Skiing is difficult.
b. The trails were icy.

43. You win a prestigious award.
a. I solved an important problem.
b. I was the best employee.

44. Your stocks are at an all-time low.
a. I didn't know much about the business climate at the time.
b. I made a poor choice of stocks.

45. You win the lottery.
a. It was pure chance.
b. I picked the right numbers.

46. You gain weight over the holidays and you can't lose it.
a. Diets don't work in the long run.
b. The diet I tried didn't work.

47. You are in the hospital, and few people come to visit.
a. I'm irritable when I'm sick.
b. My friends are negligent about things like that.

48. They won't honor your credit card at a store.
a. I sometimes overestimate how much money I have.
b. I sometimes forget to pay my credit-card bill.

yeah.. gonna type my entry now.. and then go finish make-up work and stuff.

sorry if there are typos.. my hands are freezing and I'm sickkk.
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