Lost.Without.You. (theusedtwinkies) wrote,

She's somebody's hero, a hero to her baby with a skinned up knee, a little kiss is all she needs.

Okay.. so I guess I'm not done with this fucking internet shit. I should say I'm done with online journals [my own] and aim. I still might post on my internet journals.. but it will all be privately posted so only I can see it.

So.. how to get ahold of me:
snail mail. email. phone.. and I'll still say the best way is snail mail.. unless you like.. see me in person and can hand me a note.. cause that wouldn't cost money and it'd be faster.. but yeah. I read others journals sometimes.. but not all the time. I know that's how it was before.. but it's less now than it was then. and phone.. I might not answer... but then you still have the choice to leave a message..

blah. just signed on aim. -.- Need to.. to get a message.. maybe I should get all my away messages.. yeah man. well.. the ones I'd use for like.. other stuff..


probably writing.reading.or.sleeping. call or text phone if want.
I heart specific people. I wouldn't hope that you're one of them;you probably aren't.

I won't be good enough for you.
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