Lost.Without.You. (theusedtwinkies) wrote,

medpey7 (11:31:57 PM): psh
RyanxlovesxPark (11:31:59 PM): yeah
medpey7 (11:32:03 PM): no cloth is going up my ass, buddy
RyanxlovesxPark (11:32:03 PM): its nothing
RyanxlovesxPark (11:32:08 PM): well good
medpey7 (11:32:12 PM): oh, I thought you were say psh to the underwear
medpey7 (11:32:14 PM): and no thong
medpey7 (11:32:14 PM): haha
RyanxlovesxPark (11:32:15 PM): plus i prefer boyshorts anyway
RyanxlovesxPark (11:32:16 PM): nah
RyanxlovesxPark (11:32:25 PM): thongs are okay, but boyshorts are cuter
medpey7 (11:32:35 PM): I can't stand the ones I have
medpey7 (11:32:45 PM): of course, they were free.. and I only have two pairs.. and they're from a while ago
RyanxlovesxPark (11:32:54 PM): thongs or boyshorts?
medpey7 (11:32:57 PM): boyshorts
RyanxlovesxPark (11:33:00 PM): oh
medpey7 (11:33:02 PM): no butt floss, period.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:33:05 PM): ok
medpey7 (11:33:09 PM): I don't own any.. nor will I ever.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:33:13 PM): okay
medpey7 (11:33:17 PM): unless someone else buys them for me
medpey7 (11:33:30 PM): which the only person who has said anything about me getting them, I tell him to and he doesn't
medpey7 (11:33:40 PM): it's pointless, he'd rather see me out of them than in, so whatever
RyanxlovesxPark (11:33:47 PM): haha
RyanxlovesxPark (11:33:51 PM): wheres the romance
medpey7 (11:34:01 PM): well, do you need the thong for the romance of taking them off?
RyanxlovesxPark (11:34:07 PM): eh
medpey7 (11:34:08 PM): are you really going to pay for that?
medpey7 (11:34:16 PM): and please.
medpey7 (11:34:23 PM): we are definitely not like that.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:34:25 PM): its all about setting the mood, and if it makes her feel sexy, then why not?
RyanxlovesxPark (11:34:30 PM): i know
RyanxlovesxPark (11:34:33 PM): i wasnt serious
medpey7 (11:34:36 PM): oh, me, psh, I'd rather not
medpey7 (11:34:45 PM): okay
RyanxlovesxPark (11:35:08 PM): tho dressing up is fun
medpey7 (11:35:19 PM): and if I sound like I'm all about sex or something now
medpey7 (11:35:22 PM): I'm not
RyanxlovesxPark (11:35:26 PM): but any sort of role playing stuff you get all has thongs or g-strings
RyanxlovesxPark (11:35:32 PM): which arent up your alley
RyanxlovesxPark (11:35:33 PM): nah
medpey7 (11:35:42 PM): never bought anything like that
RyanxlovesxPark (11:35:43 PM): i didnt assume you were some oversexed love-machine
RyanxlovesxPark (11:35:47 PM): i did, once
medpey7 (11:35:51 PM): haha oh yeah ;P
RyanxlovesxPark (11:35:54 PM): from spencers tho
medpey7 (11:36:01 PM): gotcha
medpey7 (11:36:28 PM): I actually played a joke because we aren't for valentine's day
medpey7 (11:36:41 PM): since our relationship is definitely all about sex or anything
medpey7 (11:36:53 PM): damn.. 1136
RyanxlovesxPark (11:37:01 PM): do you want me to let you go?
medpey7 (11:37:06 PM): where did the time go!?!
medpey7 (11:37:10 PM): I dont' know.
medpey7 (11:37:21 PM): why did I say hi?
RyanxlovesxPark (11:37:26 PM): weve been catching up
RyanxlovesxPark (11:37:27 PM): idk why
RyanxlovesxPark (11:37:32 PM): you should have just left
medpey7 (11:37:35 PM): I don't regret it.. I'm just.. going to stress tomorrow
medpey7 (11:37:37 PM): :/
RyanxlovesxPark (11:37:54 PM): i dont want to cause you any undue stress or strain
RyanxlovesxPark (11:37:59 PM): i feel responsible...
medpey7 (11:38:18 PM): even if this doesn't happen.. I've enjoyed this
medpey7 (11:38:23 PM): I'm surprised at how late it is
RyanxlovesxPark (11:38:24 PM): me too
medpey7 (11:38:27 PM): oh, I'd be stressed tomorrow anyway
RyanxlovesxPark (11:38:27 PM): and i want this to happen
medpey7 (11:38:33 PM): I wasn't getting the little paper thing done
medpey7 (11:38:39 PM): I was just going to go to bed at 10:30
medpey7 (11:38:46 PM): so I could hopefully get up early and finish it before class
RyanxlovesxPark (11:38:49 PM): more than just so i can see you wrap your lips around my big, fat one
medpey7 (11:38:51 PM): it's only 10 points, though
medpey7 (11:39:00 PM): and I don't even know how hard he'll grade it.. he wasn't even supposed to be our teacher
medpey7 (11:39:23 PM): loser.
medpey7 (11:39:36 PM): cigar-aholic!
medpey7 (11:39:39 PM): so why dont' you drink?
medpey7 (11:39:51 PM): and yes, we have been catching up
medpey7 (11:40:01 PM): and by saying why did I say hi, I didn't mean I regret it.. just yeah
medpey7 (11:40:05 PM): I'd be stressed tomorrow anyway
medpey7 (11:40:17 PM): I just can't wait for this semester to be over
RyanxlovesxPark (11:40:24 PM): well as long as it wont kill your grade
medpey7 (11:40:31 PM): it's just in time.. too! for summer! unless you'll still work nights.. cause then it will be rather difficult.
RyanxlovesxPark signed off at 11:40:34 PM.
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RyanxlovesxPark signed on at 11:41:19 PM.
medpey7 (11:41:20 PM): my grade is already.. meh. I'm hoping for a B or C. So horrible this semester sucks ass.. after a 4.0 last semester. I can't stand most of my teachers now. and I'm just waiting for you to sign back on.. deedle dee.. I guess I'll send this.
medpey7 (11:41:24 PM): and there you were anyway. hah.
medpey7 (11:41:31 PM): right before I finished typing that and hit enter.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:41:38 PM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (11:41:42 PM): idk why i signed out
RyanxlovesxPark (11:41:46 PM): i was here the whole time
medpey7 (11:41:59 PM): I figured it was your connection or something
RyanxlovesxPark (11:42:12 PM): im on a laptop
RyanxlovesxPark (11:42:14 PM): in my basement
RyanxlovesxPark (11:42:21 PM): and our router is 2 floors away
medpey7 (11:42:21 PM): has your number changed? I don't even know if I have your number, still.
medpey7 (11:42:27 PM): not in my phone, I know, but yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (11:42:29 PM): this house crap for wireless signals
RyanxlovesxPark (11:42:39 PM): its still the same
medpey7 (11:42:40 PM): gotcha
medpey7 (11:42:43 PM): okay
RyanxlovesxPark (11:42:44 PM): 309-242-2933
medpey7 (11:42:56 PM): I guess I"ll just add it instead of waiting to see if it's on my list
medpey7 (11:43:00 PM): I'm not sure if it is..
RyanxlovesxPark (11:43:01 PM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (11:43:06 PM): i doubt it
medpey7 (11:43:07 PM): I finally deleted people.. randomly
medpey7 (11:43:09 PM): you never know
medpey7 (11:43:14 PM): I know it's not in my phone
RyanxlovesxPark (11:43:14 PM): i got a new phone
medpey7 (11:43:19 PM): but a lot aren't
medpey7 (11:43:26 PM): because I gave up adding most of the people
medpey7 (11:43:31 PM): even though I wouldn't get rid of their numbers
medpey7 (11:43:46 PM): and if I want to message them or call, I"ll get it off the list
medpey7 (11:44:07 PM): haha.
medpey7 (11:44:12 PM): man, I just thought of being mean but joking
medpey7 (11:44:15 PM): but I"m not going to
RyanxlovesxPark (11:44:20 PM): do it
RyanxlovesxPark (11:44:22 PM): i wanna know
medpey7 (11:44:33 PM): now it sounds stupid
RyanxlovesxPark (11:44:36 PM): you can mess with me
RyanxlovesxPark (11:44:39 PM): im okay with it
RyanxlovesxPark (11:44:47 PM): im a big boy, you wont hurt my feelings, i promise
RyanxlovesxPark (11:44:49 PM): psh
RyanxlovesxPark (11:44:52 PM): i bet ill laugh
medpey7 (11:44:55 PM): partly because it's obvious
medpey7 (11:44:57 PM): I doubt it
medpey7 (11:45:00 PM): it's really stupid now
RyanxlovesxPark (11:45:06 PM): please
medpey7 (11:45:10 PM): I was just going to say "and what's your name again? :P"
RyanxlovesxPark (11:45:16 PM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (11:45:23 PM): yours is phillip
medpey7 (11:45:25 PM): oh please, are you really laughing?
medpey7 (11:45:26 PM): I don't think so
RyanxlovesxPark (11:45:28 PM): monica
RyanxlovesxPark (11:45:47 PM): justine?
medpey7 (11:46:03 PM): that's it!
RyanxlovesxPark (11:46:05 PM): i did laugh
RyanxlovesxPark (11:46:09 PM): its okay though
RyanxlovesxPark (11:46:27 PM): it took me a minute to remeber who you were
medpey7 (11:46:30 PM): you asked for it!
medpey7 (11:46:31 PM): :O
medpey7 (11:46:33 PM): psh.
medpey7 (11:47:01 PM): well, I never saw this sn sign on
medpey7 (11:47:03 PM): I saw your other one
medpey7 (11:47:12 PM): at least I think it is
RyanxlovesxPark (11:47:17 PM): the inthisbediabuse?
medpey7 (11:47:17 PM): if it's not, then I'm really confused
medpey7 (11:47:18 PM): yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (11:47:25 PM): thats me
medpey7 (11:47:28 PM): and I was about to sign out and just continue working on homework
medpey7 (11:47:40 PM): I thought so but wasn't positive positive
medpey7 (11:47:48 PM): but then I saw this sn.. and this one I know is you for sure
medpey7 (11:47:58 PM): so then I questioned iming you
RyanxlovesxPark (11:48:02 PM): yup
medpey7 (11:48:14 PM): and then I thought of saying it's been a while, how are you, just thought I'd say hi even though I'm leaving soon
medpey7 (11:48:30 PM): then I decided to cut the first part off.. because well, I"m used to trying and getting nothing with people
medpey7 (11:48:36 PM): so I just stuck with hi
medpey7 (11:49:02 PM): then I sat here working.. and figured yep, hasn't responded.. then I saw a box that was hidden by my word
medpey7 (11:49:08 PM): and I was all :O
RyanxlovesxPark (11:49:24 PM): you were more dissapointed than if i had ignored you
medpey7 (11:49:28 PM): not even a 'hi, okay, bye."
medpey7 (11:49:44 PM): it was four ims!
medpey7 (11:49:47 PM): no! loser.
medpey7 (11:49:53 PM): soo-prised.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:50:08 PM): well, technically only really 3 bc the first one was mistyped
medpey7 (11:50:13 PM): I know
medpey7 (11:50:17 PM): but still four :P
medpey7 (11:50:29 PM): and then I thought it strange that you said
RyanxlovesxPark (11:50:32 PM): im an overachiever
medpey7 (11:50:34 PM): what I had cut off my im
RyanxlovesxPark (11:51:00 PM): parealled brain wave frequencies
RyanxlovesxPark (11:51:10 PM): i finished what you thought to start with
medpey7 (11:51:15 PM): yes
medpey7 (11:51:43 PM): so it took you a bit to realize who I was. PSH.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:51:55 PM): so are you on myspace or facebook?
RyanxlovesxPark (11:51:56 PM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (11:52:01 PM): yeah, im a terrible liar
medpey7 (11:52:22 PM): I've mentioned both in our convo, doofus!
RyanxlovesxPark (11:52:49 PM): myspace.com/ilovepark
RyanxlovesxPark (11:52:55 PM): or give me your url
RyanxlovesxPark (11:53:05 PM): or remind me how to spell your last name lolol
medpey7 (11:53:05 PM): aren't we already friends? maybe not anymore.. or maybe we weren't. hmm.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:53:35 PM): i only have 92 friends
RyanxlovesxPark (11:53:36 PM): so idk
medpey7 (11:54:11 PM): quite the facial hair!
RyanxlovesxPark (11:54:30 PM): i am a big hairy beast nowadays, yesm
medpey7 (11:54:37 PM): dierks bentley???
medpey7 (11:54:43 PM): you like country?
RyanxlovesxPark (11:54:45 PM): i like all music, okay?
medpey7 (11:54:56 PM): so do I.. loser. well, rap the least. but yeah.
medpey7 (11:55:04 PM): I have his cds..
RyanxlovesxPark (11:55:12 PM): so wait, are we friends on myspace?
medpey7 (11:55:15 PM): hold on
RyanxlovesxPark (11:55:28 PM): lol ok
medpey7 (11:55:55 PM): don't think so
medpey7 (11:56:14 PM): www.myspace.com/music_basketcase -- I think
medpey7 (11:56:22 PM): nope, not that
RyanxlovesxPark (11:56:26 PM): lol
medpey7 (11:56:44 PM): I'll have to log in to see what it is.
medpey7 (11:56:46 PM): it's something like that
RyanxlovesxPark (11:57:02 PM): or since youre logged in
medpey7 (11:57:03 PM): oh sorry.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:57:04 PM): and have my url
RyanxlovesxPark (11:57:07 PM): you could add me?
RyanxlovesxPark (11:57:19 PM): its okay
RyanxlovesxPark (11:57:23 PM): if you dont want to its no biggie
medpey7 (11:57:38 PM): added
medpey7 (11:57:46 PM): didn't mean to do that
medpey7 (11:57:49 PM): the italicize
medpey7 (11:57:55 PM): anyways. sorry, it has a 5 on the end. that's what I forgot
RyanxlovesxPark (11:58:07 PM): lol ok
medpey7 (11:58:11 PM): I'm pretty sure we were, though.. or I just went your page.
RyanxlovesxPark (11:58:13 PM): italicized is cool
RyanxlovesxPark (11:58:21 PM): i think we were
RyanxlovesxPark (11:58:27 PM): but i deleted alot of ppl
medpey7 (11:58:28 PM): I have a bunch.
medpey7 (11:58:33 PM): mostly bands
medpey7 (11:58:44 PM): but now there are more people than I used to have.
medpey7 (11:58:54 PM): but wayyy too lazy to go through
medpey7 (11:58:58 PM): I'm not on myspace much
medpey7 (11:59:03 PM): I'm Mrs. Manhattan on there!
medpey7 (11:59:19 PM): I forgot I changed that picture too, not just facebook
RyanxlovesxPark (11:59:25 PM): haha
medpey7 (11:59:44 PM): that's the only recent picture on there, actually
RyanxlovesxPark (12:00:21 AM): and its all bluey
medpey7 (12:01:01 AM): man, you know the band that makes me think of you?
medpey7 (12:01:05 AM): besides the obvious -- park.
medpey7 (12:01:09 AM): well, duh
RyanxlovesxPark (12:01:18 AM): so, unless you wanted to smoke a cigar late late at night, we will have to get together wednesday or maybe saturday or sunday
RyanxlovesxPark (12:01:27 AM): idk. what band?
medpey7 (12:01:31 AM): fall out boy
RyanxlovesxPark (12:01:35 AM): lolol
medpey7 (12:01:39 AM): first cd
medpey7 (12:01:41 AM): nothing new
RyanxlovesxPark (12:01:46 AM): i used to be obsessed with that album
medpey7 (12:01:51 AM): just because that's what we listened to when I met you
RyanxlovesxPark (12:01:55 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:01:57 AM): because I wanted to
RyanxlovesxPark (12:02:05 AM): i was obsessed with that record for the longest time
medpey7 (12:02:15 AM): yeah.. I'm not a huge fan of newer fob
medpey7 (12:02:19 AM): same with gc..
RyanxlovesxPark (12:02:22 AM): yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:02:27 AM): old good charlotte was amazing
RyanxlovesxPark (12:02:31 AM): now its just kinda iffy
medpey7 (12:02:33 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:02:41 AM): I saw dashboard a few weeks ago!
medpey7 (12:02:45 AM): gah. : D
RyanxlovesxPark (12:02:51 AM): i loooooooooooooooooove dashboard
RyanxlovesxPark (12:02:55 AM): lucky fucker
medpey7 (12:03:06 AM): they were at wesleyan
RyanxlovesxPark (12:03:07 AM): but when i saw dashboard i met chris and got his autograph!
medpey7 (12:03:17 AM): 15 bucks. I paid 45 after the charges and stuff for 2 tickets
RyanxlovesxPark (12:03:22 AM): i work every night but wednesday and sunday
medpey7 (12:03:23 AM): pshh.
medpey7 (12:03:30 AM): it was Thursday
RyanxlovesxPark (12:03:38 AM): i was at work
medpey7 (12:03:41 AM): I made Bill come down
medpey7 (12:03:45 AM): not really, but he did.. for me.
medpey7 (12:03:50 AM): but I paid for his ticket
RyanxlovesxPark (12:04:07 AM): come down? does he not live here?
medpey7 (12:04:09 AM): he's the only reason I've been to ask many concerts as I have.. because they're country, but if I pay, he'll go
medpey7 (12:04:12 AM): Peoria
RyanxlovesxPark (12:04:19 AM): ah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:04:23 AM): Bradley?
medpey7 (12:04:25 AM): so maybe it's up
medpey7 (12:04:27 AM): or whatever
medpey7 (12:04:28 AM): he's done
RyanxlovesxPark (12:04:29 AM): over really
medpey7 (12:04:31 AM): he was here for school
RyanxlovesxPark (12:04:36 AM): oh
RyanxlovesxPark (12:04:43 AM): i see
medpey7 (12:04:47 AM): he's 25
medpey7 (12:04:47 AM): yep
RyanxlovesxPark (12:04:53 AM): nice
medpey7 (12:05:01 AM): lucky butthead
medpey7 (12:05:08 AM): done with school..
RyanxlovesxPark (12:05:14 AM): im a freshman
medpey7 (12:05:28 AM): I'm a junior
medpey7 (12:05:37 AM): too much left.
medpey7 (12:05:57 AM): [getting master's. so 2 years]
RyanxlovesxPark (12:06:04 AM): im gonna be a teacher
RyanxlovesxPark (12:06:09 AM): so ill be going to school forever
medpey7 (12:07:10 AM): what are you going to teach
medpey7 (12:07:20 AM): man.. now I remember seeing you at shows and hiding because you were being a butt
RyanxlovesxPark (12:07:20 AM): hs english and social studies
RyanxlovesxPark (12:07:24 AM): maybe science
medpey7 (12:07:24 AM): ahh
RyanxlovesxPark (12:07:27 AM): at tcbuzz
medpey7 (12:07:28 AM): yuck
medpey7 (12:07:44 AM): there was one outside, too
medpey7 (12:07:45 AM): I think
medpey7 (12:07:48 AM): at the park
medpey7 (12:07:51 AM): maybe not.
medpey7 (12:08:00 AM): no, I'm pretty sure you were there
RyanxlovesxPark (12:08:03 AM): at a park near raab
medpey7 (12:08:04 AM): I may have said hi there.. though.
medpey7 (12:08:06 AM): yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:08:08 AM): with crown atlantic
medpey7 (12:08:17 AM): I wasn't by myself, though
medpey7 (12:08:21 AM): at tc buzz, I probably was.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:08:23 AM): and i was wearing a super tight white, "I <3 park" shirt
RyanxlovesxPark (12:08:28 AM): yeah you were
medpey7 (12:08:30 AM): that may have been when I went out to eat at Denny's with the people!
medpey7 (12:08:36 AM): with two of the bands
medpey7 (12:08:39 AM): : D I was speshul
medpey7 (12:08:51 AM): at the park, I was with Melanie
RyanxlovesxPark (12:08:55 AM): haha i remeber that
medpey7 (12:08:58 AM): and other people in her grade were there
medpey7 (12:09:28 AM): still stylin' the tight pants?
RyanxlovesxPark (12:09:37 AM): nope
RyanxlovesxPark (12:09:46 AM): i like to let my testicles breathe nowadays
medpey7 (12:09:52 AM): hah
medpey7 (12:10:02 AM): yeah, I don't style the baggy much anymore
RyanxlovesxPark (12:10:08 AM): i mean i have some tight-ER pants
RyanxlovesxPark (12:10:20 AM): but nowhere near what they were
medpey7 (12:10:25 AM): gotcha
RyanxlovesxPark (12:10:33 AM): i wear man-pants now
RyanxlovesxPark (12:10:37 AM): no more girls jeans
medpey7 (12:10:45 AM): I'm the opposite!
medpey7 (12:11:02 AM): I need to bring them back.. the crappy part was I'm too damn short
medpey7 (12:11:10 AM): so no matter what, the guys jeans are too long
medpey7 (12:11:31 AM): and I got tired of my mom saying it looked like I had a load
RyanxlovesxPark (12:11:34 AM): and i could never get the girls jeans to come up anywhere near high enough
medpey7 (12:11:35 AM): because of how baggy they were
medpey7 (12:11:48 AM): well, it makes sense
RyanxlovesxPark (12:11:49 AM): the waistline was barely over my penis
medpey7 (12:11:54 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:12:01 AM): you have things in the way that girls don't
RyanxlovesxPark (12:12:06 AM): yup
RyanxlovesxPark (12:12:18 AM): and i wore jeans tight enough that i clearly displayed them
medpey7 (12:12:22 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:12:23 AM): I know
RyanxlovesxPark (12:12:30 AM): haha
RyanxlovesxPark (12:13:14 AM): though i wouldnt mind going back to them, ive grown attached to my guys jeans, and pjpants and b-ball shorts
medpey7 (12:13:25 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:13:38 AM): I miss my guys pants
medpey7 (12:13:44 AM): I need to break them out.. but not in this weather!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:13:56 AM): yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:14:03 AM): well today would have probably been a good idea
RyanxlovesxPark (12:14:44 AM): since it was pretty cold and wet and gross
RyanxlovesxPark (12:14:50 AM): so are you still at home?
medpey7 (12:14:57 AM): no.. it wouldn't have been!
medpey7 (12:15:01 AM): and yes, I am.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:15:03 AM): is it just you and mom?
medpey7 (12:15:07 AM): and the cat
medpey7 (12:15:08 AM): and fish
RyanxlovesxPark (12:15:10 AM): mommy and her becky-boo
medpey7 (12:15:18 AM): yes.. but she doesn't call me that.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:15:22 AM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (12:15:27 AM): well thats good at least
medpey7 (12:15:29 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:15:53 AM): she may even hear me typing still.. and wonder what I'm doing
medpey7 (12:15:56 AM): shit, two hours!!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:16:04 AM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (12:16:10 AM): do you want me to let you go?
medpey7 (12:16:24 AM): I probably should
medpey7 (12:16:41 AM): get my ass up at 7 or 730
medpey7 (12:17:02 AM): to finish my homework
RyanxlovesxPark (12:17:14 AM): okay
RyanxlovesxPark (12:17:17 AM): well, goodnight
RyanxlovesxPark (12:17:20 AM): it was nice talking to you
RyanxlovesxPark (12:18:17 AM): good luck with your homework
RyanxlovesxPark (12:21:00 AM): i have unlimited texting
RyanxlovesxPark (12:21:04 AM): so you could text me whenever
medpey7 (12:21:27 AM): I may have to get unlimited. haha.
medpey7 (12:21:33 AM): that's what I mean.
medpey7 (12:21:44 AM): it's been where I only use.. 500 if that a month
medpey7 (12:21:47 AM): but I get 1500
medpey7 (12:21:58 AM): this month.. is about half over... but I have less than 500 left
RyanxlovesxPark (12:22:13 AM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (12:22:21 AM): i text alot
RyanxlovesxPark (12:22:45 AM): but i doubt i use as much as most ppl
medpey7 (12:23:29 AM): I used to a lot, then it died down.. and now with Julie back.. and you too now..
medpey7 (12:23:31 AM): hmm.
medpey7 (12:23:42 AM): cause otherwise, it's with Bill.. or my mom.. sometimes cousin
RyanxlovesxPark (12:24:08 AM): i text lots of ppl randomly
medpey7 (12:24:23 AM): we have a mutual friend on facebook!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:24:24 AM): and only like 3 or 4 with any sort of regularity
medpey7 (12:24:27 AM): HAHAHA
RyanxlovesxPark (12:24:30 AM): who?
medpey7 (12:24:50 AM): it's actually the first guy who told me I was going to marry Bill before we were together.. and he's the one that chose eight oh eight oh eight.. becuase it'd be awesome
medpey7 (12:24:57 AM): Bryan Geuther
RyanxlovesxPark (12:25:03 AM): hahahaha
RyanxlovesxPark (12:25:07 AM): he is a weird kid
medpey7 (12:25:09 AM): don't know if I spelled his last name correctly there
medpey7 (12:25:10 AM): but yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:25:14 AM): i work with him at state farm
medpey7 (12:25:18 AM): gotcha
medpey7 (12:25:25 AM): I was in the same scholarship program as him as heartland
RyanxlovesxPark (12:25:30 AM): cool
medpey7 (12:25:47 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:25:51 AM): that's funny
medpey7 (12:26:04 AM): he only said it because each friday he'd ask what I did and I said hung out with Bill
medpey7 (12:26:14 AM): oh, he was also in my accounting classes there
RyanxlovesxPark (12:26:22 AM): small world, eh?
medpey7 (12:26:23 AM): so he'd ask then, too
medpey7 (12:26:36 AM): the first time I brought him up, he said "you're going to marry him."
medpey7 (12:26:42 AM): and I'm like.. what???
medpey7 (12:26:51 AM): no.. I don't think so
medpey7 (12:27:06 AM): I may have liked him.. but who knew he liked me back.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:27:15 AM): haha
RyanxlovesxPark (12:27:21 AM): apparently brian geuther
medpey7 (12:27:53 AM): hah
medpey7 (12:27:56 AM): well, we aren't married yet
medpey7 (12:28:17 AM): but he said it'd be awesome to get married on 08/08/08.. or any of those. 09/09/09.. but I was closer than him. somehow. hah.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:28:35 AM): 9 9 9 is still possible
medpey7 (12:29:11 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:29:19 AM): my brother wants us to
medpey7 (12:29:20 AM): hah
medpey7 (12:29:29 AM): cause then it'd be his birthday the 7th. and his anniversary the 8th
medpey7 (12:29:32 AM): and then us on the 9th
medpey7 (12:29:48 AM): but married on a wednesday?
medpey7 (12:29:49 AM): hah
medpey7 (12:29:56 AM): there's also 10/10/10
medpey7 (12:29:58 AM): 11/11/11
medpey7 (12:30:01 AM): and 12/12/12
RyanxlovesxPark (12:30:05 AM): lol
medpey7 (12:30:09 AM): that's the last one though.. for another 100 years.
medpey7 (12:30:56 AM): okay. really going now.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:31:00 AM): lol
medpey7 (12:31:04 AM): maybe
RyanxlovesxPark (12:31:07 AM): ill get married on 1 1 1
medpey7 (12:31:18 AM): you'll be dead.
medpey7 (12:31:19 AM): maybe
medpey7 (12:31:23 AM): sorry to burst your bubble
medpey7 (12:31:29 AM): and I hope you find someone before then!!!!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:31:29 AM): nah
medpey7 (12:31:30 AM): you will
medpey7 (12:31:32 AM): you better.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:31:34 AM): i doubt it
medpey7 (12:31:36 AM): or I'll come over and smack you. again.
medpey7 (12:31:39 AM): psh.
medpey7 (12:31:42 AM): you will.
medpey7 (12:31:54 AM): or I'll smack you for thinking like that. and never come have a big fat one with you.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:31:57 AM): bring it
medpey7 (12:32:05 AM): oh no you didn't!
medpey7 (12:32:15 AM): damnit, I can't make it sound like I want it to
medpey7 (12:32:16 AM): by typing
RyanxlovesxPark (12:32:20 AM): oh snaps!
medpey7 (12:32:24 AM): oh no you dint!
medpey7 (12:32:31 AM): that's not like it would sound either
RyanxlovesxPark (12:32:34 AM): aww naww youu di-int
medpey7 (12:32:36 AM): di'int?
medpey7 (12:32:38 AM): hah!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:32:41 AM): hahah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:32:43 AM): that was great
medpey7 (12:32:52 AM): man
RyanxlovesxPark (12:33:01 AM): woman
medpey7 (12:33:04 AM): woman!
medpey7 (12:33:08 AM): who you callin' a woman!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:33:13 AM): you
medpey7 (12:33:14 AM): you.. pig!
medpey7 (12:33:20 AM): >.>
RyanxlovesxPark (12:33:21 AM): oink oink
medpey7 (12:33:39 AM): psh
RyanxlovesxPark (12:34:05 AM): dont psh me
medpey7 (12:34:11 AM): PSSSHHHHH
RyanxlovesxPark (12:34:20 AM): aww naww you di-int
medpey7 (12:34:25 AM): yes I diddddd
medpey7 (12:34:28 AM): : D
RyanxlovesxPark (12:34:38 AM): aw naw gurrl
RyanxlovesxPark (12:34:53 AM): im abouts to bring it on!
medpey7 (12:35:31 AM): psh
medpey7 (12:35:38 AM): you never answered -- hows come you don't drink?
RyanxlovesxPark (12:35:48 AM): i dont remember you asking
RyanxlovesxPark (12:35:58 AM): but i quit because i was prettymuch an alcoholic
medpey7 (12:36:37 AM): it was a loooooonnng time ago
RyanxlovesxPark (12:36:46 AM): eh
medpey7 (12:36:52 AM): but gotcha
RyanxlovesxPark (12:36:54 AM): ive only really been sober for like a month
medpey7 (12:36:56 AM): I meant me asking was..
medpey7 (12:37:04 AM): gotcha
RyanxlovesxPark (12:37:04 AM): oh
RyanxlovesxPark (12:37:07 AM): yeah probably was
medpey7 (12:37:11 AM): I know it was
RyanxlovesxPark (12:38:06 AM): but i think quitting was for the best
RyanxlovesxPark (12:38:09 AM): at least for a while
medpey7 (12:39:01 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:39:14 AM): I drink.. but not frequently
RyanxlovesxPark (12:39:19 AM): lol you sign off and then come back?
medpey7 (12:39:25 AM): no.. I think aim is being weird
RyanxlovesxPark (12:39:29 AM): i thought you were going to bed 2 hours ago
medpey7 (12:39:36 AM): it wouldn't let me send.. but then when I tried to sign back on.. it showed me still on
medpey7 (12:39:45 AM): .. well someone actually replied
RyanxlovesxPark (12:39:52 AM): im sorry
medpey7 (12:39:56 AM): I figured even if you did.. it'd be like a three min convo
RyanxlovesxPark (12:39:58 AM): but it would be rude of me to just ignore you
medpey7 (12:40:06 AM): yeah yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:40:24 AM): im sorry im a long winded ass
medpey7 (12:40:29 AM): no
RyanxlovesxPark (12:40:35 AM): yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:40:37 AM): i kinda am
RyanxlovesxPark (12:40:39 AM): but its okay
medpey7 (12:41:19 AM): I figured out why you look so different!
medpey7 (12:41:24 AM): at least in the pictures
RyanxlovesxPark (12:41:26 AM): no hair
medpey7 (12:41:27 AM): the hairs short, too
RyanxlovesxPark (12:41:27 AM): beard
RyanxlovesxPark (12:41:30 AM): yup
medpey7 (12:41:32 AM): not just the facial hair
RyanxlovesxPark (12:41:38 AM): ive got the businessmans haircut
medpey7 (12:41:40 AM): I knew the facial hair.. hence the comment a loooong time ago
RyanxlovesxPark (12:41:45 AM): but the lumberjack chin
medpey7 (12:41:45 AM): but yeah, shorter hair
medpey7 (12:41:48 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:42:07 AM): and the hair isn't as straight
medpey7 (12:42:11 AM): as I'm used to
RyanxlovesxPark (12:42:15 AM): the long hair was too much work
medpey7 (12:42:21 AM): oh please
RyanxlovesxPark (12:42:22 AM): all that straightening and product
medpey7 (12:42:29 AM): that's why you just don't mess with it
medpey7 (12:42:33 AM): I don't and I'm fine
RyanxlovesxPark (12:42:34 AM): now i roll out of bed, shake my head, and just go
medpey7 (12:42:40 AM): that's what I do..
medpey7 (12:42:44 AM): well, I get dressed and such.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:42:53 AM): naked and bedhead
RyanxlovesxPark (12:42:54 AM): sexy
medpey7 (12:42:56 AM): I don't even shake my head
medpey7 (12:43:03 AM): oh yeah. ;P
medpey7 (12:43:06 AM): so.. you do drugs?
RyanxlovesxPark (12:43:09 AM): nope
RyanxlovesxPark (12:43:12 AM): nicotine
RyanxlovesxPark (12:43:14 AM): and caffiene
RyanxlovesxPark (12:43:25 AM): (cigarettes and energy drinks)
RyanxlovesxPark (12:43:29 AM): not like caffiene pills
medpey7 (12:43:32 AM): I figured
medpey7 (12:43:35 AM): well, that or soda
RyanxlovesxPark (12:43:39 AM): yup
RyanxlovesxPark (12:43:43 AM): not so much coffee
medpey7 (12:43:44 AM): yeah.. energy drinks are shit
medpey7 (12:43:54 AM): I drank a full throttle once
medpey7 (12:43:59 AM): just to try it
RyanxlovesxPark (12:44:01 AM): shit as in shitty? or "the shit"
medpey7 (12:44:04 AM): fell asleep in 15 minutes
RyanxlovesxPark (12:44:16 AM): caffiene doesnt really keep me awake
medpey7 (12:44:23 AM): me either. obviously.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:44:24 AM): as much as i just need it in vast ammounts to function
RyanxlovesxPark (12:44:25 AM): lol
medpey7 (12:44:44 AM): I didn't really care for it. I'm curious about others.. but too pricy to try
medpey7 (12:44:51 AM): I'm fine without them so I don't need them
RyanxlovesxPark (12:44:57 AM): others such as?
medpey7 (12:45:09 AM): well, there's always a new energy drink
medpey7 (12:45:10 AM): or something
medpey7 (12:45:12 AM): like nos
medpey7 (12:45:16 AM): I know about that from work
RyanxlovesxPark (12:45:19 AM): nos is just okay
medpey7 (12:45:26 AM): and just all those that are canned the same..
RyanxlovesxPark (12:45:28 AM): i like the multiple flavors of amp
medpey7 (12:45:30 AM): well, same size
medpey7 (12:45:33 AM): I dont' know the names..
medpey7 (12:45:35 AM): monster?
medpey7 (12:45:42 AM): yeah, there's amp
medpey7 (12:45:50 AM): I think there's monster.. maybe I'm making that up.. or dreamt it.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:00 AM): no its right
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:02 AM): monster
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:03 AM): amp
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:08 AM): jolt
medpey7 (12:46:12 AM): I just know there's a lot
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:12 AM): full throttle
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:15 AM): lol yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:20 AM): and i prettymuch mainline caffiene
medpey7 (12:46:22 AM): and next thing you know, yet another
medpey7 (12:46:32 AM): I.. drink a lot of tea.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:37 AM): tea is good
medpey7 (12:46:42 AM): which reminds me.. I need to go to sam's
RyanxlovesxPark (12:46:42 AM): and alot healthier
medpey7 (12:46:45 AM): to get more green tea
medpey7 (12:46:48 AM): yummmyyy.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:47:01 AM): very nice
medpey7 (12:47:12 AM): gotta go with my mom, though
medpey7 (12:47:17 AM): but okay. really going to bed now.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:47:22 AM): shes got the card
medpey7 (12:47:32 AM): knowing me, I'll probably go pee, get ready for bed and lay there and text you
RyanxlovesxPark (12:47:32 AM): my stepdad has a sams club card
RyanxlovesxPark (12:47:34 AM): i never use it
medpey7 (12:47:36 AM): but yeah
medpey7 (12:47:39 AM): and yes, my mom has the card
RyanxlovesxPark (12:47:47 AM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (12:47:49 AM): nice
medpey7 (12:47:56 AM): but I'll fall aslepe
medpey7 (12:47:57 AM): asleep
medpey7 (12:48:01 AM): so when I don't reply
medpey7 (12:48:03 AM): it's not you
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:06 AM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:08 AM): sure
medpey7 (12:48:09 AM): hell, I'm tired as hell.. especially my body
medpey7 (12:48:13 AM): not so much me.. but my BODY
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:18 AM): my back is killing my
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:21 AM): *me
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:23 AM): and my neck
medpey7 (12:48:23 AM): i've almost been up for 24 hours
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:29 AM): the chairs at work suck
medpey7 (12:48:30 AM): with the exception of my nap
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:33 AM): and my bed doesnt help
medpey7 (12:48:39 AM): yeah.. I could use a back massage.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:41 AM): and i have terrible posture
RyanxlovesxPark (12:48:42 AM): me too
medpey7 (12:49:01 AM): my neck has hurt for the past few days
medpey7 (12:49:10 AM): but only when I twist it certain ways
RyanxlovesxPark (12:49:18 AM): mine is roving pain from between my shoulders up to my neck
medpey7 (12:49:19 AM): okay really leaving
RyanxlovesxPark (12:49:25 AM): and even down into the middle of my back
medpey7 (12:49:27 AM): gotcha
medpey7 (12:49:32 AM): mine is lower back
RyanxlovesxPark (12:49:42 AM): thats easy to fix
medpey7 (12:49:44 AM): part of it may just be from sitting here in the same position for so long
RyanxlovesxPark (12:49:49 AM): gee
RyanxlovesxPark (12:49:53 AM): way to make me feel even worse
medpey7 (12:50:09 AM): okay, and shoulders
medpey7 (12:50:15 AM): no, no, it's not you
medpey7 (12:50:29 AM): you didn't make me sit here and type and barely move
medpey7 (12:50:37 AM): I could have switched positions or moved a little
RyanxlovesxPark (12:50:39 AM): but i did keep you from going to bed
medpey7 (12:50:42 AM): that's what she/he said.
medpey7 (12:50:58 AM): no you didn't
RyanxlovesxPark (12:50:59 AM): its okay if you dont move around much
RyanxlovesxPark (12:51:03 AM): at least youve been talking
RyanxlovesxPark (12:51:19 AM): it would have been awkward for you to sit there completely still and be totally silent
medpey7 (12:51:31 AM): well, I have been silent
medpey7 (12:51:40 AM): I've been typing. :P
RyanxlovesxPark (12:51:52 AM): true
medpey7 (12:52:01 AM): I wouldn't have stayed for that, though.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:52:09 AM): i was trying to make a half hearted attempt at a sex joke
RyanxlovesxPark (12:52:14 AM): but it obviously failed
medpey7 (12:52:27 AM): yes, it did
medpey7 (12:52:39 AM): but that's because it's me
RyanxlovesxPark (12:52:43 AM): eh
RyanxlovesxPark (12:52:49 AM): ill make one stick, sooner or later
medpey7 (12:53:15 AM): okay
medpey7 (12:53:25 AM): really going now.. it's almost been 3 hours
medpey7 (12:53:30 AM): 2 hours 40 minutes
RyanxlovesxPark (12:53:31 AM): haha
RyanxlovesxPark (12:53:31 AM): ok
RyanxlovesxPark (12:53:40 AM): well, you better not let it get to 3
medpey7 (12:53:45 AM): I won't!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:53:52 AM): i know you wont
medpey7 (12:53:53 AM): I smell msoke
medpey7 (12:53:55 AM): smoke*
medpey7 (12:53:57 AM): strange
RyanxlovesxPark (12:54:01 AM): that would just be god awful and torturous
medpey7 (12:54:02 AM): like cigarette smoke
RyanxlovesxPark (12:54:08 AM): i want a cigarette
medpey7 (12:54:10 AM): what the hel
medpey7 (12:54:12 AM): hell*
medpey7 (12:54:19 AM): I'm so confused
RyanxlovesxPark (12:54:20 AM): is your mother smoking?
medpey7 (12:54:30 AM): a. she's asleep
medpey7 (12:54:35 AM): b. I don't think she's smoked once in her life
RyanxlovesxPark (12:54:40 AM): oh
RyanxlovesxPark (12:54:42 AM): ok
RyanxlovesxPark (12:54:56 AM): well then, am i outside your window with a cigarette, watching you?
medpey7 (12:55:05 AM): no, curtains are closed
RyanxlovesxPark (12:55:14 AM): oh
medpey7 (12:55:17 AM): you still don't even know where I live.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:55:20 AM): well, then im all out of ideas
medpey7 (12:55:28 AM): as far as I know, anyway.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:55:51 AM): i dont know where you live
RyanxlovesxPark (12:55:55 AM): but you know where i live
medpey7 (12:55:58 AM): yep
RyanxlovesxPark (12:56:45 AM): if i see you watching me from the window while im sleeping...
medpey7 (12:57:12 AM): I'll be in school.. or bed myself.
medpey7 (12:57:21 AM): but maybe after my 2nd class. but you'll probably be up by then.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:57:23 AM): dang...
RyanxlovesxPark (12:57:24 AM): i mean
medpey7 (12:57:25 AM): and I'll have lost my change. :[
medpey7 (12:57:28 AM): chance*
RyanxlovesxPark (12:57:40 AM): tomorrow, im sleeping til like 10ish
RyanxlovesxPark (12:57:42 AM): maybe
RyanxlovesxPark (12:57:47 AM): at least ill be in bed until then
medpey7 (12:57:56 AM): I'll be in class at 10
RyanxlovesxPark (12:58:18 AM): well, my bedroom window is like 6inches by a foot
RyanxlovesxPark (12:58:20 AM): and its covered
medpey7 (12:58:27 AM): yeah
medpey7 (12:58:31 AM): so I won't be able to see in
medpey7 (12:58:40 AM): unless I really am Mrs. Manhattan.. muahahah : D
medpey7 (12:58:58 AM): OKAY BUB.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:59:06 AM): in which case why dont you just poof over now?
medpey7 (12:59:08 AM): it's over.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:59:11 AM): case and point
RyanxlovesxPark (12:59:16 AM): youre no mrs manhattan
medpey7 (12:59:25 AM): BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO
medpey7 (12:59:27 AM): I WANT TO SLEEP.
RyanxlovesxPark (12:59:31 AM): ouch
medpey7 (12:59:32 AM): ALONE
RyanxlovesxPark (12:59:36 AM): and the caps lock hurts
medpey7 (12:59:38 AM): OR WITH BILL
RyanxlovesxPark (12:59:39 AM): no need to shout
medpey7 (12:59:53 AM): well, you hurt me by saying I'm not Mrs. Manhattan!!!
RyanxlovesxPark (12:59:59 AM): im sorry
medpey7 (1:00:06 AM): yes I am!
RyanxlovesxPark (1:00:07 AM): i dont really know youre not mrs manhattan
medpey7 (1:00:11 AM): good
medpey7 (1:00:47 AM): meh. but really, I'd sleep with you. maybe. after hanging out many times. I mean, sleep, but yeah.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:00:58 AM): with clothes on
RyanxlovesxPark (1:00:59 AM): yeah
RyanxlovesxPark (1:01:03 AM): i gotcha
medpey7 (1:01:05 AM): as long as there is enough room.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:01:11 AM): i have a full size bed
medpey7 (1:01:16 AM): but I don't want to say I would now.. because I don't know that I would.
medpey7 (1:01:24 AM): I spend the night at Bill's the first night I hung out with him
medpey7 (1:01:38 AM): but that was after drinking.. and a walk.. and telling him my life story.. and I slept on the floor
medpey7 (1:01:56 AM): not that that would have stopped him had he wanted to do anything.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:02:02 AM): well, i wouldnt let you sleep on the floor
medpey7 (1:02:07 AM): [he invited me to a party]
RyanxlovesxPark (1:02:08 AM): i would before id let you
medpey7 (1:02:17 AM): I have no problem with it
medpey7 (1:02:27 AM): I laid there and we talked after we got back. damn, that was one crazy night
medpey7 (1:02:37 AM): we met in may.. we had orientation together.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:02:56 AM): i have lots of blankets and whatnot, we could layer and under-over and we wouldnt have to even actually touch
RyanxlovesxPark (1:02:57 AM): lol
medpey7 (1:03:02 AM): so I'd known him longer, but never hung out with him. didnt' really talk.. just my nodding my head while in garden saying clang clang as the guys brought flat carts in
RyanxlovesxPark (1:03:13 AM): lol
medpey7 (1:03:17 AM): cause the party was in sept
medpey7 (1:03:22 AM): yes, I'm quite the dweeb
medpey7 (1:03:35 AM): shit. 22 hours.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:03:45 AM): its okay
RyanxlovesxPark (1:03:50 AM): im a very big nerd
RyanxlovesxPark (1:03:58 AM): im not one to judge anyone else
medpey7 (1:04:13 AM): I'm proud of my dweebiness. :]
medpey7 (1:04:17 AM): /loser/whatever.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:04:20 AM): me too
medpey7 (1:04:44 AM): good!
RyanxlovesxPark (1:05:36 AM): so im okay with anyone whos okay with their own nerdy/dweeby ness
medpey7 (1:05:45 AM): yay!
medpey7 (1:05:47 AM): kay
medpey7 (1:05:48 AM): really.
medpey7 (1:05:49 AM): going.
medpey7 (1:05:50 AM): to.
medpey7 (1:05:51 AM): bed.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:05:51 AM): lol
RyanxlovesxPark (1:05:54 AM): sure
medpey7 (1:05:59 AM): logging.
medpey7 (1:06:00 AM): off.
medpey7 (1:06:01 AM): now.
medpey7 (1:06:02 AM): bye.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:06:05 AM): are you sure?
medpey7 (1:06:13 AM): but really, it was nice talking to you.. and we should again.. and yeah.
medpey7 (1:06:20 AM): positive.
medpey7 (1:06:24 AM): ineedsleep.
medpey7 (1:06:27 AM): now.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:06:29 AM): lol
medpey7 (1:06:32 AM): and to pee.
medpey7 (1:06:36 AM): and brush teeth. and wash face.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:06:38 AM): maybe get together for a big fat one
medpey7 (1:06:47 AM): yeah
medpey7 (1:06:55 AM): we'll have to figure out when later.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:07:05 AM): okay
RyanxlovesxPark (1:07:13 AM): text me whenever
medpey7 (1:07:15 AM): byee!!
RyanxlovesxPark (1:07:15 AM): goodnight
medpey7 (1:07:18 AM): night
medpey7 (1:07:21 AM): er, morning
RyanxlovesxPark (1:07:30 AM): sweet dreams
medpey7 (1:07:35 AM): you too!
RyanxlovesxPark (1:07:42 AM): thank you
RyanxlovesxPark (1:07:45 AM): goodnight
medpey7 (1:07:52 AM): you're welcome. quit typing.. cause then I wait to see what it is! :P
RyanxlovesxPark (1:07:59 AM): ok
medpey7 (1:07:59 AM): as I go to sign out.
RyanxlovesxPark (1:08:00 AM): sorry
RyanxlovesxPark (1:08:01 AM): bye
medpey7 (1:08:04 AM): :P
medpey7 (1:08:16 AM): I was joking, yet I"m not. Don't be sorry. talk later!
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